Face & Body Treatments

Face & Body Treatments
We now offer a range of beauty treatments including Luxurious Facials, Massage including Swedish, Aromatherapy & Hot Stones. Also Threading, Spray Tans, Lash Tinting & Perming, Semi Permanent Lash Extensions, Waxing, Threading - please scroll down the page for prices
Spray Tans
Spray Tanning using Sienna X & Celebrity Range Tanning Solutions
Full Body Tan £26.00
Half Body Tan £15.00
Do's & Don'ts - for that long lasting all over tan....
Do lightly exfoliate your whole body 24hrs before the treatment. Pay particular attention to dry skin areas, such as elbow, knees, heels & any hard skin areas. Lightly moisturise the skin afterwards.
Don't have a shower immeadiately before the tteament - DHA is more compatible on slightly acidic skin.
Don't shave ow wax 24hrs before treatment - do it 48hrs before.
Do completely remove makeup, cosmetics, jewellery & all clothing.
Do wear loose fitting, dark clothing to go home in to avoid rubbing off the newly applied tan.
Do wear dark or old underwear/swimwear etc to tan in & after, as Tantrick can be washed out but can stain nylon)
Don't shower or take excessive excercise at least 6hrs after treament
Don't bathe for 24hrs
Don't shave for at least 12 hrs after as this will leave streaks
Do pumice feet if stained (I used 'sticky feet on you to avoid this if poss)
Do avoid exfoliating the whole body after the spray tan as this will fade the tan faster.
Don't use exfoliating face washes or toner on the face for at least 24hrs after treatment.
Do lightly exfoliate any areas of dry skin (as above) as the tan fades to ensure these areas fade evenly.
Do moisturise your skin daily with an OIL FREE moisturiser to prolong your tan.
Do use suitable suntan lotion whne in the sun as Tantrick offers no protect from the suns rays.
Do have regular top-up sessions as this will build & extend the life of your tan, some skin types may need more than others.
Eyes & Lashes
Lash treatments - all treatments will require a patch test to be performed 24/48 hrs before traetment is given.
Lash Tint 30 mins £10.00
Brow Tint 20 mins £8.50
Lash & Brow Tint 30 mins £17.00
Lash Lift 45 mins £27.00
Lash Lift & Tint 60 mins £30.00
Semi Permanent Individual Lash Extensions - Full Set 80/120 lashes per eye 150 mins £55.00
Semi Permanent Individual Lash Extensions - Half Set 40/60 lashes per eye 120 mins £40.00
Lash Infills 60 mins £35.00
Express Lashes (Cluster Lashes) 3-5 days wear 45 mins £20.00
We offer a range of waxing services
Eyebrow wax 15 mins £7.00
Lip or Upper Chin wax 20 mins £7.00
Lip & Brow wax 20 mins £13.00
Lip & Chin wax 20 mins £13.00
Lip, Chin & Brow 30 mins £18.00
Full Leg 40 mins £22.00
Half Leg 30 mins £19.00
Full Leg & Bikini 50 mins £28.00
Half Leg & Bikini 40 mins £25.00
Full Arm 25 mins £15.00
Half Arm 20 mins £12.00
Underarm 20 mins £11.00
Threading is the ancient art of hair removal by using a special type of antiseptic thread, twisted across the skin to remove unwanted hair.
Eyebrows 20 mins £9.00
Upper Lip 20 mins £8.00
Chin 20 mins £8.00
2 of the above at same appointment 40 mins £15.00
All 3 treatments - brow, lip & chin 50 mins £20.00
Brow Design
We are now offering brow design to pamper & create your perfect eyebrow. This 6 stage treatment will help to get you brows to Wow!
Brow Design 45 mins £20.00
Patch test is required 24 hrs before treatment
We use British Eve Taylor Professional Products. Each treatment will begin with a personal skin consultation when products will be chosen to specifically treat your skin to a bespoke Facial
Express Facial 30 mins £20
A 30 min Facial consisting of cleanse, tone, a relaxing neck, shoulder & facial massage & mositurise. Perfect if you are looking for a relaxing treat
Luxury Facial 50 mins £35.00
A 50 min treatment including cleanse, tone, exfoliation, a neck, shoulder & face & scalp massage, a luxurious mask with hand & arm massage & moisturise. This complete facial will delight your skin, leaving you refreshed yet relaxed
Swedish Massage
The perfect massage to help ease away tension & stress. The use of an infra-red heat lamp can be added to help melt away tension allowing for a deeper massage for an extra £5.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins £20.00
A half hour Swedish massage. Perfect for helping to de-stress & relax an aching back
Full Body Massage 60 mins £32.00
A 60 min full body Swedish massage consisting of the legs, arms, abdomen, back, neck & shoulders which can be tailored to meet your individual needs
Aromatherapy Massage
Using Eve Taylor's pre-blended aromatherapy oils we can tailor your treatment specifically to your needs. Treat your self to a heavenly massage to relive your stress, using pressure point techniques & emphatic drainage to aid in the elimination of toxins & improve circulation
Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 mins £25.00
A 30 min back, neck & shoulder massage using one of Eve Taylor's pre-blended aromatherapy oils chosen for you
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 90 mins £40.00
A 90 min massage designed to melt away your stress, using pre-blended Eve Taylor aromatherapy oil chosen for you. Pamper yourself from top to toe with this massage including facial pressure points & drainage
Hot Stones Massage
Hot Stones are placed in strategic areas to ease aching & tired muscles, whilst others are used to help achieve a deeper massage to remove that unwanted tension. This treatment is truly a relaxing experience
Hot Stones Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins £30.00
A half hour back, neck & shoulder massage using hot and/or cold stones to ease aching muscles
Hot Stones Full Body Massage 75 mins £45.00
A 75 min full body experience. Allow the heat to melt way your stress
Indian Head Massage
Based on ancient ayurvedic medicine, Indian Head Massage can help a number of everyday problems. Starting in the shoulders, neck & arms any build up of tension - a common cause for headaches, is thoroughly eased. Moving onto the scalp stimulating techniques are used to increase circulation & improve the condition of hair. Finishing with a gentle face massage, pressure point techniques are used to aid lymphatic drainage helping circulation & sinus/headache problems.
Indian Head Massage 45 mins £25.00
Pregnancy Massage
A tranquil massage for Mothers to Be using a variety of relaxing massage techniques. The perfect pamper for anyone expecting, who is past the first trimester
Pregnancy Massage for expectant Mothers 75 mins £38.00