Bev with Nicole Scherzinger at X-Factor 2016 - where Bev did her nails & toes, plus many of the contestants too

Stiletto Sculpted acrylics, with Gelish & glitter fade

Gelish Design nails

Design acrylic sculpted nails

Natural looking acrylic nails

Black & Silver acrylics with 3D sculpted flowers

Acrylic glitter french with hand painted nail art

Gelish Design Nails

Gelish French

Gel pink & white

Gelish Design Nails

Gelish Design Matt

Natural Look acrylic nails

Gelish Design over acrylic nails

Polka Dot Gelish Nails

Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish with Gelish Nail art

Harmony Reveal Gel Overlays with glitter

Pink & White Acrylics

Green French with glitter nail bed & pearls


Acrylic/Polygel Enhancements
I am a Master Educator for Nail Harmony UK. I use Nail Harmony Gelish, ProHesion Acrylics & Gelish Polygel Hard Gels
Pink & White French Acrylic or Polygel £48.00
I don't use plastic white tips to create your French, I sculpt your permanent french look using white powders for the free edge & pink powders for the nail bed. You can be sure it won't fade, wear off or chip. You can even use a nail polish between appointments & remove it to reveal still super shiney french manicured nails.
One colour extension Acrylic or Polygel £45.00
Tipped or Sculpted extensions to your natural nails. Gelish Gel Polish over £10 extra for 1 colour or £15 extra for Design full set
Natural Nail Overlay Acrylic or Polygel £40.00
1 colour overlay onto natural nails, no extension
Gelish soak off gel polish
Gelish - applies like polish, performs like gel & last for 3 whole weeks, dries instantly & doesn't chip, smudge or fade & is kind to the natural nail too as it helps to strengthen the natural nail to aid growth. Available in 72 fab colours & sparkles.
FREE soak off - when another colour is being applied at same appointment.
Gelish Colour Manicure on natural nails £22.50
Gelish French Manicure on natural nails £27.50
Gelish Colour Pedicure £25.00
Gelish French Pedicure £30.00
Removal of Gelish & Manicure without Enamel £20.00
Luxury Spa Mancure with Gelish £38.00
Gelish Design Manicure over natural nails £30.00
Gelish Nail Art over Gelish Nails - per nail £1.50
Gelish colour over Acrylic or Polygel Extensions £10.00
Add Gelish Gel Polish over your newly applied nail extensions
Gelish Design over Acrylic or Polygel Extensions £15.00
Fancy a full Gelish design nail art over your newly applied nail extensions? This is the the extra cost
Gelish Dip Systems
Gelish Dip system offers a stronger nail coating than Gelish Gel Polish, for those a little harder on their hands. We can also extend the nail by using tips with Gelish Dip.
1 colour on natural nails £25.00
French Manicure on natural nails £30.00
Tips - 1 Colour extensions £35.00
Tips - French Manicure extension £40.00
Infill/Maintenance of Acrylics & Gels
As time goes, your nails grow and need infilling, we usually recommend every 3 weeks.
Up to 2 weeks £27.50
including 1 free nail/repair
2 - 3 weeks £30.00
including 2 free nails/repairs
3 - 4 weeks £32.50
including 2 free nails/repairs
Rebalance £40.00
Once your nails grow, the balance goes and they need to be rebalanced to ensure they stay strong - colour Extra Polish £4 or Gelish 1 colour £10.00
Soak/Buff Off and Express Manicure £30.00
Soak/Buff Off for new set to be applied £10.00
Replacement nails available at 1/10th full set rate
Manicures on Natural Nails
Luxury Spa Manicure £28.00
Express Manicure £15.00
Cuticle work, file, shape & nails buffed to shine
Express Manicure with Enamel £17.50
File, Buff & Polish £10.00
French Polish with Express Manicure £20.00
Nail Art
Per Nail from £1.50
Full 10 Nails from £15.00
One Stroke nail art per nail from £2.00
3D Nail art with acrylic per nail from £2.50