Green gel with glitter on toes

French Toes with acrylic

Minxed Toes

Minx Golden Lightening Cheetah

Pink Cheetah Minx

Toe Nail before reconstruction

Toe Nail after reconstruction with acrylic

Spa Pedicure

Red Glitter polish on Toes


Give your feet the treat they deserve and pretty up your tootsies
Luxury Spa Pedicure with colour polish 75 mins £30.00
Marine SpaPedicure from CND
An inspired system born of the sea. Marine botanicals and sea salts energize. Quartz crystals and menthol cool. Feet reborn. Spirit satisfied.
This luxury pedicure is a firm favourite which includes marine spa soak, lower leg & foot exfoliation using marine salt scrub, cooling mineral clay foot masque, callus & hard skin treatment, lower leg & foot massage, and deep foot moisturisation using Cucumber Heel Therapy to aid in the repair of dried, cracked skin, cuticle work, nails tidied & polish colour of your choice
Luxury Spa Pedicure with French Polish 80 mins £32.50
Dry Pedicure with colour polish 30 mins £20.00
Nails filed, cuticle work, buff & Polish
Dry Pedicure with French Polish 40 mins £25.00
Minx Pedicure
Minx toes are a fabulous way to show off your feet & they last for upto 8 weeks!
Extending fashion to the toes, nail armour for fingers and toes, for people who want to stand out in the crowd!! – no smudges, no chips, no problem
Minx Pedicure 30 mins £25.00
Nail Art for toes
Bring a little sparkle to your toes by adding a touch of art
Nail art on big toe £1.50
Crytals £0.25
Gelish Pedicures
Fabulous Gelish Gel Polish- applies like polish, no smudges, chipping or peeling & is instantly dry so you can put your shoes, boots right back on!! How fab is that!
Gelish Luxury Spa Pedicure 1 colour £40.00
Gelish French Luxury Spa Pedicure £42.50
Gelish Rockstar Toes (Full bling glitter!) Dry Pedicure £30.00
Gelish Dry 1 Colour Pedicure £25.00
Gelish French Dry Pedicure £27.50
Gelish Crystal Pedicure (Big toe/all toe nails covered in crystals POA