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Nail Treatments

Gel Polish
One Colour Mani
French Mani
Design Mani
Gel Polish over Extensions
Gel Polish Design over Extensions
Nail Art per Nail
from £1.50
Gel Polish with 2 Nail Art
Gel Polish with 4 Nail Art
Removal and Manicure
BIAB with Gel Polish mani
£5 extra
Soak off is free when applying a fresh set at the same appointment
French Extensions
Natural Nail Look
Natural Nail Overlay
Glitter French
From £55
Full Glitter
From £55
Design Nails
From £67.50
Gel Polish over enhancements/infills
From £10
3D Nail Art per Nail
From £3
Stamping per Nail
From £0.50
£0.25 each
Swarovski Crystals
£0.50 each
Infill including 2 free repairs
Additional repairs
1/10th original set price
Infills with Gel Polish
Infills with Gel Polish & 2 Nail Art
Infills with Gel Polish & 4 Nail Art
Infills with Full Nail Art Gel Polish
Rebalance design/glitter set
Removal and manicure
Removal and reapplication of enhancement or Gel Polish
Dry Pedicure with One Enamel colour
Dry Pedicure with French Enamel
Luxury Spa Pedicure with One Enamel Colour
Luxury Spa Pedicure with French Enamel
Dry Pedicure with One Colour Gel Polish
Dry Pedicure with Design Gel Polish
Luxury Spa Pedicure & One Colour Gel Polish
Luxury Spa Pedicure & Design Gel Polish
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